6 things that you should not do when traveling

6 things that you should not do when traveling

travelbag  You will find many blogs that will advice you that what you should do when traveling. They will tell you what to see and what things to do in the tourist places. But nobody bothers about the things that you must not do when traveling. Well, I am not going to tell that you should book your hotels and others.

There are many things that a traveler can only tell you. So, here are the 6 things that you should not do when traveling.

1. Never exchange currency at Airport

The first thing that you do after landing in the airport is exchange your cash. But that is one of the biggest mistakes that you can do when traveling. You will get the worst conversation rate in Airport so it is always better to carry your ATM or Credit Cards to do that part. Conversation at Airport will only reduce your travel budget.

2. Never eat in restaurants next to Tourist Attractions

Does not matter where you go and which country you visit. This trend will always be the same everywhere. The restaurants just next to the popular tourist attractions are always higher than the normal rate. It should be wrong to say higher in fact it is double or even more. If you consider delicacy then you will get nothing out of it. So, make sure you walk a bit of distance to find a good restaurant and enjoy the delicious food there.

3. Never use Private Transportation

Transportation like Taxis and cabs are always costlier. They charge even more if you are a tourist and a foreigner. Make sure to use Public Transport as much as possible. If you really do not have options then it is better to go for authorized cab services than normal taxis.

4. Don’t limit to hotels only


There is a common understanding among tourists that hotels are the best options. Well, if you are in the tight budget then never mind the options like hostels and apartment rentals as well. These places are usually very clean and many people use them very safely. The scenario has changed and apartment rentals are not so bad now. You can also look for the travel community services which are trending these days and not bad either.

When I went to Toronto, I rented an apartment from a very reputable online rental company and upon arrival and departure I made sue to hire a cleaning company to clean the place which I found it online. It was still cheaper for me than a hotel!

5. Never roam alone at night

You must admit and accept the fact that you are not as safe in a foreign land as you are in your own country. So, never walk or roam alone in the city streets especially at nights. Criminals are everywhere and they sought mistakes like this to happen. Do not label any country as safe and try to be cautious and take preventive actions.

6. Never pay any charges to your banks

Make sure that the cards you are carrying are free for transactions abroad. There are many banks that charge extra fees for it but make sure that you do not entertain such fees.


All these things are as significant as your what to do travel tips. As a tourist, it is important that you understand these with high importance.