Tips to improve your home decor


Home decoration is an enjoyable work in which you can add lot more fun. It must be noted that random addition of furniture and changing of window curtains are not considered as home decoration. Home decoration needs detailed designed work that makes the room look complete in every aspect. Sometime people prefer themed home decoration using variety of colors and shades in their house. Here we have discussed few tips on home decoration that can help you in designing your house professionally.

Home decor suggests your personality

Home decoration is not an easy task. It can be a tricky one to accomplish. Every owner wants to flaunt their family status, flair and personal taste through their home decoration. The best way to decorate your room is to include some plants and flowers. It gives an eco-friendly and simple look to the room. You can simply keep a small bonsai or any small plant beside your side table. This increases the beauty of the room without a dramatic increase in your expense. It also helps in keeping the interior slightly cooler. In high self you can keep small creeping plants which can spice up the room.

To add a personal touch to the house, you can decorate your house with your personally gathered stuffs including old photographs of your family. You can use plenty of old things for decoration like a small old lamp, any old sports equipment or any old teapot. You can also arrange these things in a bare side self to give a personal touch to the room.

Take your time to decorate the house


Home decoration is an art that cannot be done in a day’s time. It is a tedious process which can take weeks or even months. You can take a look around various shops, flea market and malls to collect your favorite home decor items. Do not go for several deep colored stuffs as it will look vague. Try to stick to the chosen themed color and purchase the stuffs accordingly.

Choose the color wisely

Color is an important part of home decor. You can add your favorite color to your rooms. Do not go for dull colors as it will not give a bright appearance. Over use of colors must be avoided while decorating your home. You can use two shades of color to in your room like a deep color with a lighter shade color.

Make the home decor lively

You can use paintings and pictures to add more life to your room. Or else you can use family photos framed in a big frame. Try to choose the frame according to the style your home decor or else it will look too eclectic. Choose the color for the frame that coordinates with the wall color. Always try to keep consistency in choosing the items for your home decoration. If the rooms are small then do not make it look congested by stuffing more things. Use your creativity and imagination to decorate your home.

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