Hi there,

My society has this blog for all members who which to inquire about our activities and newest information. I also post the most recent information, blog posts and any news that we need to inform our members and readers.

I’ve been part of the Benton Society for over 15 years both volunteering and non volunteer. I am proud to be a significant contributor to our society and network of friends that help each other through all times and troubles.

A little history about me, I have 2 beautiful girls, age 14 and 11 and i have a job that is seasonal and hence i find my contribution to this newsletter is an amazing opportunity to help everyone around especially that I have more time than many people. My wife is wonderful and takes great care of my kids and hence she leaves me with lots of time to contribute in this blog, in my society and to enjoy that part of my life that i share with everyone.

If you are a new member in this club, please contact me and let me know if you would like me to add you to our distribution magazine as well. Its a wonderful magazine that features our newest businesses that join the society and helps promote our services within each other. We also advertise at minimal costs and discuss issues and help others freely if possible. We have great contacts and people are available in this society to make sure we function well and bond with all our members.

We love to hear from everyone and we also love to know if you enjoy our blog, which helps motivate me to continue posting my experiences, posts, news and more.

Lets all help each other become a big family. This is what we are all about !