How to speed up your computer


Often it is noticed that the computers are getting hanged or the speed is very low. I have faced similar situations in life and that is really frustrating. As far as the computer performance is concerned it should not be so slow. However, the speed of the computers gets down mostly because of not using it properly. It needs maintenance and proper use to deliver better performance. It is often seen that out bad habits actually bring down the speed of the computer. So, what should be done to speed it up? Here are the tips that can bring back the speed of your computer.

Free your resources

The first thing that you should do is to stop the background processes of the computer and then free your resources. The background application on the run takes a lot of spaces and that brings down the speed of the computer. You should always stop the unintended application and then cross check the speed again. It should increase the speed. There are software as well which ensure that all the unnecessary background programs are stopped.

Desktop resources

Make sure your fancy desktop is not eating up more space. All the fancy and customized desktop features should be disabled and resources should be freed up. Another thing that should be kept in mind that it is advisable to not have many files at the desktop. Try to make your desktop free that improves the speed of the computer.

Restart your System


If your system starts not responding then you might go for the restarting options as well. Sometimes your computer stops responding due to multiple actions and that at time process ceasing also may not be helpful. The restart of the system will allow it to free up the resources and then the start process all over again. So, if you are stuck with the system for speed then save all required files and folders and then restart the system for better speed.

Recycle Bin should be emptied

You often delete the unwanted files and that go to Recycle Bin for further use. However, if your recycle bin too congested with files then you might witness a performance issue. It is better to free up the space of Recycle Bin to improve the speed. On the other hand, try to give Shift+ Delete while deleting the files as it will be permanently deleted.

Unwanted Applications

Make sure that your computer does not have the unwanted applications. If you have installed them in your system but you do not use them then try to uninstall them to free up the space.

Defragment the Drive

Your drive has free spaces, but that needed to be consolidated. The defragmentation of the drive gives the system the opportunity to do it and that brings on the speed it was lacking. The defragmentation can be done from the property of the drive.

Lacking in speed is not an issue for a computer, however, it can be frustrating. You need to follow the simple steps to overcome the slow speed of the computer.