Prevent major business failures


Most of us have that itch to start a new business and be successful overnight. However one should remember that it involves set guidelines, tactics and few principles which need to be followed. In this article we will discuss about how to keep your business from fizzling.


  1. Make up your mind for failure

Do you think this sounds to de-motivating and you would not want to dwell too much on this topic.  I don’t think so!! Time and again, business people are so fascinated with their ideas that they can’t imagine disappointment. What’s more, when they have to face it, they feel extremely dejected and don’t know how to solve the problem. Hence be prepared for failure!!


  1. Build up a strong marketable strategy

A solid marketable strategy is one that explains all the necessary which needs to be followed for starting a successful business. Finance, marketing, production techniques are some of the important points of that. It likewise gives estimation on the amount you have to spend and your timeframe.

  1. Keep track of the choices you make

As a matter of fact, when your business is in the initial stage, then one small bad decision will make you penniless. Accordingly, it is imperative to deliberately measure your alternatives before deciding, even when you have to give quick solutions and have to move fast. In times of perplexity, outside guidance is a great a way to deal a problem.


  1. The ultimate king is Cash flow

Actually a business does not rely on just profits, cash flow plays an important role and this means how quick you make cash and how much goes out. In the event that you generate good revenue at a regular pace, however have to shell out too much money for debts, then that doesn’t sound good. Hence watch out for those numbers and ensure you make consistent stream of money through your business.

  1. Shape the future by adapting the latest trend

If a particular trend is being followed in the market and if you think it will benefit your business, then exploit it. Nonetheless, never stray from your main goal at the same time look out for new trends.


  1. Procure workers gradually, however terminate them quick

This statement is self-explanatory. Try not to be in a hurry to hire more staff, unless you definitely require it. Be that as it may, if you notice that your staff members are not committed to the job then release them without hesitating.

  1. Build good relationship with your employees

I know this is contradicting the previous point. What you need to understand is that your hard working employees are like your family. Hence treat them well and organize small team lunch or give birthday gifts.


  1. Your first clients have to be valued always

Your regular customers have to be treated like kings, this way you will have repeat business.

  1. Seek a mentor

If you know someone who is an expert in business, then it does not hurt to take his/her guidelines or tips.